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New Unity Specialist Tutorial - Mac App Store!

This tutorial demonstrates the conversion process from Unity-built app to Mac App Store app. It includes a fully-configured info.plist that you can use for your own app, and covers metadata, Apple certificatates and app signing, build testing, App Store uploads, and iTunesConnect and required contracts. Read more...

Using Terminal to Sign

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Basic Unity Tutorial Set

Advanced Unity Tutorials
Physics  UNITY 3.0!
Particles  UNITY 3.0!
Input Managers
2D Mechanics
Saving Games  UNITY 3.0!
Dynamic GUI
Modeling and Rigging
High Scores

Unity Tutorials for Specialists
Mac App Store

Player Bot

Displaying a Battle With Gizmos

3D as 2D

Bouncer Animation

New Basic Tutorial Set - Unity 3.0!

A set of ten tutorials that supplies a basic overview of what is required to make a game using Unity. The movies are from ten minutes to up to an hour each and use chapter markers for ease of navigation. Included are ten sample scenes, as well as all scripts, models, sound, music, and other resources used in the tutorials. That's hundreds of assets and hours of tutorials - a good foundation for game designers starting to work with Unity! Read more...

Now with improved sound quality, larger text size, and dozens of fresh scrips and other assets for Unity 3.0!

Basic Tutorial Set

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Brick Wall Advanced Unity Tutorial - Physics

This tutorial covers what's required to move objects and make them interact with each other using the built-in Unity physics engine. It lasts for 35 minutes, more than twice the length of the basic recordings, and covers rigidbody physics, physic materials, planetary gravity, and particle physics. Read more...

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Advanced Unity Tutorial - Particles

This tutorial covers the more advanced ways to use the Unity particle systems. It lasts for just under 60 minutes and demonstrates how to use particles as triggers, as bullets, as water, as gas, and as a flickering lamp flame. Read more...

Particle Cannon

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Game Controls Advanced Unity Tutorial - Input Managers

This tutorial covers the use of the Unity Input Manager and alternatives to it. It goes over the basic movement of a simple cube using configured inputs, connecting an alternative input manager to an arcade game, and the script details for all examples. Read more...

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Advanced Unity Tutorial - 2D Mechanics

This tutorial covers the use of 2D sprites, basic 2D animation, using Unity colliders to create 2D physics, restricting movement to a 2D plane, and basic platforming mechanics. Nearly 48 minutes of tutorial movie! Read more...

3D as 2D

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Bouncer Animation Advanced Unity Tutorial - Animation

This tutorial covers how to play, stop, crossfade, and blend animated models to produce unique effects, covers how to create a model with separable limbs, and covers how to attach your animations to Unity's built-in physics in order to produce a relatively realistic looking result. If that wasn't enough, it also comes with a script for testing different blends of animations using a handy on-screen interface! Read more...

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Advanced Unity Tutorial - Saving Games

This tutorial covers the use of the scripting class PlayerPrefs for saving high scores and game states. It goes through a detailed demonstration of how to take a simple arcade game and integrate the new saving features into the pre-existing code. These saving functions are used to save particle systems, game objects, and the state of master scripts, all of which can be used or converted for your own games. Read more...

Scripting in Action

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Dropdown Menu Advanced Unity Tutorial - Dynamic GUI

This tutorial takes a detailed look at the GUI.Window and its various uses, a quick look at the use of GUI.VerticalScrollbar, a quick look at the use of GUI.TextField, covers the use of the GUI.Toolbar, and covers the use of the GUI.SelectionGrid. The video is over 45 minutes in length, and devotes a full half of its playtime towards creating an advanced GUI concept, the Chat Window. Read more...

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Advanced Unity Tutorial - Modeling and Rigging

This tutorial goes over the creation of "quickie" humanoid models with full rigging and simple animation, a quick look at the use of procedural textures, how to bake textures, and how to model a quickie tank, skyscraper with windows, mech, chair, lizard, and bed. This tutorial is perfect for the programmer who wants to be able to create quickie models for use in-game. Read more...

Rigged Humanoid

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Aerial View Advanced Unity Tutorial - Optimization

This tutorial covers the optimization of Draw Calls, Tris, Verts, techniques for improving your script speeds, and the level of optimization needed to have for an iPhone release! If your game is running slowly and you don't know why, this is the tutorial for you! Read more...

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Advanced Unity Tutorial - Gizmos

This tutorial covers the Gizmos class inside the Unity editor, which provides a visual display of in-game information inside the editor without ever adding visuals to the game world. You want to see where your raycasts are going? Use Gizmos.DrawLine! You want to see the boundary of a mesh? Use Gizmos.DrawWireCube! Incorporates many of the uses for Gizmos into a simulated battle between two groups of military spawners and warships, and it does this in just under half an hour! Read more...

Displaying a Battle With Gizmos

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High Scores Table Advanced Unity Tutorial - High Scores

Have an arcade game, but no way to display the winners? Then our eleventh advanced Unity tutorial, High Scores, is perfect for you! It covers the use of an integrated 3D high score table, sending and receiving scores from an internet server (PHP and mySQL), connecting an arcade game to the high scores, saving your scores both locally and on the internet, and even advanced submission security! Read more...

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The tutorials don't waste your time... they get right to the point! These videos are an excellent code reference for students and professionals.
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You bring nothing but quality. I find myself buying tutorials I don't even really need. It's like an addiction... in a good way!
Kevin, Holland
I certainly recommend the basic tutorials set, it is clear, concise and excellent audiovisual quality.
Daniel, Costa Rica
I've gotten pretty far with Unity, but I've learned something new with even the basic tutorials!
Andy - Washington DC, USA
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